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Gravity Series


All First Credit Services Healthcare Clients are assigned a dedicated Account Manager to assist your staff in managing the collection process. Your Account Manager will ensure delivery of your Monthly Reconciliation Reports and offer several different options to help you analyze your collection data and of course our overall performance.
Our Service Approach allows for 100% transparency and client satisfaction. Our Client Service Department, along with your assigned Account Manager are trained to understand your requirements and deliver a service that you can count on to be effective and responsive.

All FCS Clients have access to our 24/7 Online Portal “NAVIGATE” to review and download collection reports real-time.

Mountain Series


Every past-due patient account that enters the First Credit Services collection system receives the appropriate mailing and telephone interaction regardless of balance. Additional details regarding our Standard Operating Procedures are available. We operate 3 diverse call centers all well versed in Healthcare Collection processes and specific client requirements. We employ plenty of bilingual collectors to easily handle high volumes of English/Spanish speaking populations..

Road Series


FDCPA approved Letter Series written to communicate effectively with patients in both English and Spanish.From the Tour De France to the roads in California our road bikes have done it all. Taking some of the purest materials possible we have developed these modern road bikes to be both strong and amazingly light all without breaking the bank.

City Series


The TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) prohibits the use of Automated Dialing Systems “Robo-Dialers” to call Cell Phones without the proper “opt-in” agreement and authorization signed by the patient at time of service. Gaining this approval is difficult to manage. As of October 2013, additional standards have gone into effect. The FCS Cell Phone calling Strategy is both TCPA Compliant and Extremely Effective..

Junior Series


FCS offers several different payment options. Patients can pay by automated phone, live phone reps, web, and mail. We accept a variety of payment instruments including: 1. Credit Cards 2. Debit Cards 3. Money Orders 4. Personal Checks 5. Automated Clearing House (ACH) 6. Flexible Spending Account Debit Cards.

Dirt / Street Series


Clients are given the option to report past-due accounts to national credit bureaus. We integrate this service into our Standard Operating Procedure if/when our client requests Credit Reporting.>

Dirt / Street Series


FCS utilizes a proprietary WATER FALL STRATEGY consisting of different levels of internal and external tools to scrub accounts for updated contact information by searching through databases and working with several leading national skip-trace vendors. We employ several “manual” skip trace representatives to ensure maximum success. Finding ways to contact patients and simply educate them about their responsibility is half the battle. Once a patient truly understands their obligation, they are more likely to take care of their debt. FCS will locate your past-due patients and help them resolve the matter amicably.

Dirt / Street Series


When dealing with extremely high volumes of lower balance patient A/R it is important to partner with a collection organization with the processes and capacity to effectively communicate with patients. A Letter Strategy is designed to simply compliment a phone program, and letters alone will not yield the required results, plus patients grow very frustrated if they are not able to speak with a skilled representative about their debt. With FCS, patients have access to a full-time staff dedicated to helping them understand their particular situation, and resolve their debt in a way that works for all parties involved.

Dirt / Street Series


Setting processes up accurately and securely right from the beginning is a crucial step in any new business endeavor. Our Transition Methodology typically employs a four-to-five phased approach, with each phase consisting of one or more tasks producing at least one deliverable and completion criteria that must be met in order to progress to the next phase. The milestones and deliverables produced by these tasks provide an ongoing quality review process which confirms that the final service will meet expectations.

Our transition team executes a formal hand-off to the Project Account Manager and confirms that the service operations are stable. The transition team remains engaged through the actualization period when service has stabilized.